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Take the Royal Road

It's been said that knowledge is power. But this isn't the whole truth. Knowledge without action is almost useless. The royal road is: first knowledge, then action.

That is why we only recommend seminars and webinars on this page where the implementation of what you have learned is an important part.

In die Zukunft

Financial intelligence, digital literacy, success strategies, health management are topics you are dealing with.

You are looking for concepts that give you advantages, make life easier and allow more satisfaction and freedom.

Clear information that gives you an overview, enables you to make better decisions for yourself and your life, and takes up a minimum of your time.

All topics are suitable for everyday use and can be implemented quickly. Take advantage of our precise online and offline seminars for your further education.

Thanks to our beta testers for their support and strengthening feedback

I'm really into continuing education. But I have now distanced myself from congresses with more than 20-50 speakers.
Even if it is good input, it is hardly feasible in terms of time. If you do it seriously, you have to listen to and process everything, then sort out the offers for yourself and complete the courses you have bought in order to achieve results.
In the process, some information cancels itself out or it is the same forever.
Now I enjoy Seminartime with the really crisp online seminars, which offer me well-filtered knowledge, with simple solution concepts. That is advanced training 4.0 - thank you.

Lars W. - Internal Medicine specialist

Short & crisp, as promised. Very informative, innovative and solution-oriented. I am thrilled by this clarity and the very selected speakers.

Silke L. - Designer

Awesome! Thank you for this new kind of further education, which is very contemporary and directly implementable.

Ulrich Sch. - Building contractor

The requirement profile for recommended coaches

  • Advisory competence
  • Self-awareness and solution finding
  • unique content, away from the mainstream
  • many years of dealing with the market
  • implementation-strong training method, which enables the participants themselves
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